Selling online have never been easier

Increase your brand awareness and your profits by getting your very own online sales-machine.

Challenges to solve

Opening an ecommerce store comes with its own challenges:

Design limitations

Payment Gateways

Product Management

Custom Shipping Costs

Plugin Management

Attracting Customers

Fast interface

I've experienced the same challenges with previous e-commerce website projects. Both selling - and buying online should be easy. So I searched far and wide and then, stumbled upon this incredible tool that I would love to share with you. The tool is called, Ecwid.

Your brand,

your style

Unlike most e-commerce websites, your online store can have your very own customized interface. No pre-built templates or generic designs that everyone else has. By using the latest technology we can combine beautiful custom visuals with functional design.


Must-have features

Having the right tools makes all the difference. Your online store can flourish with these core features:

Tax Invoices

Keep a record of every sale. Every Tax invoice is automatically generated

Weekly Reports

What gets measured, gets done. Receive weekly reports about how your custormers are interacting with your online store

Staff Accounts

Make the load easier by giving 2 staff members limited access to managing your online store

POPIA Complaint

Easily access, correct, delete, and restrict processing of consumer data, and sets strict guidelines for user consent

Payment Gateway Friendly

Compatible with various payment gateways, like PayFast, PayPal and many more

Phone & Chat Support

Need help with something? Speak to an expert telephonically or with an online chat, to help you solve the problem

They are ready to buy

Publish your products directly to multiple sales channels where shoppers already go to buy. You can sell on these platforms with the click of a button:






Mobile Point of Sale

a store with order

A store with order

gets orders

Managing physical and digital products, delivery and collection makes it a seamless process for you, your customers and even wholesalers.

Inventory Tracking

Make sure your online store always has enough stock for your customers

Dimensional Shipping Rates

Set up table rates based on order amount and order weight tiers if you need more complex and accurate shipping

Scheduled order pickup

For those customers that want to collect their orders instead of waiting for a courier

Whole Sale pricing Groups

Increase cashflow and brand awareness by selling in bulk to retailers at a discount

Physical and Online Products

Your online store can sell physical or digital products and services

Custom check out fields

Set up custom field at the checkout to gather specific info from your customer

Reach a massive audience

Connect directly and seamlessly with social media platforms to advertise your products and services. Let your online store take advantage of these social media platforms:








Best marketing strategies

Make marketing even easier to sell online by giving you the best marketing strategies from the get-go.

Discount Coupons

Make you clients feel special when you give them a special discount coupon

Gift Cards

Allow your customers to spoil their loved ones with gift vouchers from your online store


Make products and services more exclusive by giving a pre-order bonus

Abandoned Cart Emails

Help your customers to find their way back to their abandoned carts

Facebook messenger live chat

Keep an open line with your customers through Facebook messenger's live chat

Automated Email marketing

Stay in touch with your customers and keep them coming back for more value

Advanced SEO Tools

Make your products and services easier to find on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo

Promotional Ribbons

Bring attention to special products or services that are new, or on promotion

Ping, Ping! Order up!

You can manage all of your products and orders from the palm of your hand with the Android or iOS mobile App. With every sale, you'll also get a notification to keep you in the loop.

Make it easy for you by

Making it easy for your customers

Make it a no brainer for your customers to shop with you. The easier it is for your clients to get what they want, the easier it is for you to make a profit.

Product filters

Clients can find exactly what they are looking for with a simple filtering tool

Product Variations

Add some options to your products to customize your customer's order

ProDUct Search

Give your customers the ability to find a product with a quick search

Multiple product images

Give your clients a good idea about what they're buying with multiple product images


Show your customers which products might also be of interest to them


Increase engagement with the ability to compare products

Try it out for yourself

You won't believe

how fast and smooth it is.

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How much does it cost?

We strongly recommend the "Business" option, since it covers all the features mentioned above.



per month

(+- R 710 per month)


per month

billed annually at $348.96

(+- R 6400 per year)


(SAVE +- R 2 200 per year)

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