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As business owners and entrepreneurs in a digital age, building a captivating online presence is the gateway to success. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Your website is the front door

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Identifying the Problem

Online Absence

Every ambitious entrepreneur knows the significance of a robust online presence. Here are some common obstacles that many businesses face without a professional web design company:

Lack of Visibility: Without a professional website, businesses struggle to stand out, missing out on potential clients and revenue.

Missed Customer Engagement: Without a web design, there's a missed opportunity for direct customer interaction and feedback.

Missed Sales Opportunities: E-commerce capabilities are non-existent without a website, limiting sales potential.

Decreased Credibility: A business without a website may be perceived as less professional or legitimate.

Limited Accessibility: Potential customers can't access information about the business 24/7.

No Online Presence: Without a website, businesses miss out on a vast online market, limiting their reach.

Your web design company

We know the feeling

We've seen the frustration and felt the overwhelming challenges of website development. The feeling of being lost, the internal battles, and the quest for online prominence. But here at Fletch, we've conquered these hurdles. With vast experience and expertise, we stand as your guide, ready to illuminate the path to digital presence.

We've built a transformative 5-Step Web Design Process to achieve the following results:

Authentic Brand Representation:

Craft a website that genuinely represents your brand, ensuring your narrative remains undiluted.

Engaging Customer Platforms:

Foster meaningful interactions and gather invaluable feedback with our interactive web designs.

Maximized Sales Opportunities:

Unlock the potential of e-commerce and tap into a global market with our integrated web solutions.

Enhanced Credibility:

Elevate your brand's professionalism and legitimacy with a sleek, user-friendly website.

Uninterrupted Accessibility:

Offer round-the-clock information access to potential customers, ensuring they're always connected.

Robust Online Presence:

Dive into the expansive online market with a website that amplifies your reach and visibility.

the WEB design process

Change is Not an Event,

It's a Process

Our 5-step website design process was carefully developed and fine-tuned over 10 years to consistently produce beautiful and functional websites.

WEB design Portfolio

When Positive Actions lead,

Positive Results will follow

WEB design FAQ'S

Understanding the Question is Half the Answer

How much does it cost to build a website?

Once payment is received, the logo designer is booked and starts with the second phase. The logo designer takes about 5 to 10 working days to design the first three logo options.

How long does it take to design a website?

In the first round, the logo designer creates three equally viable options. You may choose which one of these three options best aligns with your brand's vision. After that, the logo designer can refine the logo for two more rounds. Our current average is two rounds, meaning most logo designs get approval in the first or second round.

Where are you based?

Fletch is a logo design company in Pretoria, South Africa. We have a team of logo designers in Pretoria. However, today's technology allows us to help brands internationally. Our logo designers are fluent in English and Afrikaans.

WEB Design Pricing

Price is what you Pay,

Value is what you Get

Which of these packages best suits your budget and the goals for your brand?

Tall building - Executive Identity Package


Website Design

Everything in the Business Package

9 Pages: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Sitemap

Up to 5 Individual Service Pages

Content Animations

Up to 20 Ai/Stock Images


R 10 000

R 9000



Most Popular

Tall building - Business Identity Package


Website Design

Everything in the Economy Package

5 Pages: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services/Products, Sitemap

Up to 10 Ai/Stock Images

Social Sharing Text + Image


R 7000

R 6000



Tall building - Economy Identity Package


Website Design

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Design

2 Pages: Home, Sitemap

Contact Form

Google Registration

Up to 5 Ai/Stock Images



R 4000

R 3000



Plus +

Domain Registration

If you don't already have a domain, which of these domains would you like to assign to your website?

special domain

R 1000

per year


R 500

per year


R 300

per year

Hosting Subscription

Give your website a place to stay. Which hosting subscription best fits your goals and budget?

10 Email Accounts

50GB Space

R 400

per month

3 Email Accounts

1.5GB Space

R 150

per month

SSL Certificate Included

Make your website stronger


Website Maintenance (SLA)

If you don't have the time to update and maintain your website, we can do it for you.

10 Hours

R 1000

per month

6 Hours

R 600

per month

3 Hours

R 300

per month

Copy Writing

Need help writing persuasive copy for your website? Let us do it for you.

SEO Friendly

R 750

per page


R 500

per page


Do you want to sell your products or services online? We have the perfect platform for you.


Look & Feel

R 750



Ecwid Business Package


per month


Do you need you prospects to make a booking online? We have the perfect platform for you.


Look & Feel

R 750



Ecwid Business Package


per month

Female mannequin without a website design

Web Design Stagnation

The Hidden Risks of Standing Still

Without robust web development, your business stands exposed to digital pitfalls. It's not just about missing opportunities; it's about safeguarding your brand's reputation. Failing to act might mean losing potential clients and diminishing your online credibility. Protect and elevate your brand by embracing top-tier web design services.

Web Design VICTORY

Master the Online Battlefield

Imagine a world where your brand stands tall, revered by peers and loved by customers. With top-notch web design services, that vision transforms into a tangible reality. Don't let challenges hold you back; embrace the future and let Fletch guide you to unparalleled success. Your journey to dominance begins with a single step towards the right website design company.

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