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Every entrepreneur needs a memorable and professional logo. A unique mark to help their ideal customer identify and recall their brand.

Your logo is a symbol of a solution for your customer's problem.

Identifying the Problem

Brand Identity Crisis

Embarking on a branding journey without the expertise of a logo design firm can lead to unforeseen challenges. Here are some common pitfalls that many entrepreneurs face without the magic touch of a professional logo design company:

Legitimate Brand Impression: Being perceived as a legitimate brand is crucial. Without a logo design firm, brands risk appearing like scam artists and untrustworthy.

Lack of Brand Consistency: Without a cohesive business company logo design, brands often struggle to maintain a consistent image, leading to confusion among potential clients.

Missed First Impressions: A poorly designed logo can deter potential clients at first glance, undermining the brand's credibility.

Ineffective Brand Messaging: Without a company emblem design, brands might fail to convey their core values and mission, leading to a disconnect with the target audience.

Time and Resource Drain: Entrepreneurs often waste precious time and resources trying to design a logo without professional guidance.

Lack of Adaptability: Without a versatile logo, brands find it challenging to adapt to different platforms, from a website design to billboards.

Your Logo Design Company

We know the feeling

The feelings of inconsistency, missed opportunities, and the overwhelming task of trying to get it right can be daunting. But with Fletch, your trusted company logo designer, you're not alone. We've conquered these hurdles and are here to guide you with proven solutions.

Over the past ten years, we crafted and refined a 5-Step logo design process that will produce a professional company logo design. A brand identity that is:

Identifiable and Memorable:

Stay in your audience's memory with a logo design that they can identify and remember with ease.

Adaptable Designs:

Receive your logos in multiple layouts and colour variations to shine across multiple mediums.

Professional Logo Design:

Benefit from logo designs that elevates your brand to look professional and legitimate.

Time-Saving Processes:

Leverage our expertise to get your logo right the first time, saving you time and resources.

Multiple File Formats:

Use your logo across different platforms and mediums with the format that fits the application.

Brand Style Guide:

Ensure your brand speaks with one unified voice across all platforms.

the Logo design process

Only dead Fish

Go with the Flow

Our 5-step logo design process was carefully crafted and refined over 10 years

to consistently produce quality logo designs.

Logo Design Portfolio

A Good Process

Produces Good Results

Logo Design FAQ's

Knowledge Starts with Questions

How long does it take to design a logo?

Once payment is received, the logo designer is booked and starts with the second phase. The logo designer takes about 5 to 10 working days to design the first three logo options.

How many options do I get?

In the first round, the logo designer creates three equally viable options. You may choose which one of these three options best aligns with your brand's vision. After that, the logo designer can refine the logo for two more rounds. Our current average is two rounds, meaning most logo designs get approval in the first or second round.

What if I don't like any of the options?

In the discovery phase, you and the logo designer will establish a clear direction to take your logo. If the logo designer misses the mark, we will determine where we strayed and try again. Rest assured that the design process avoids this scenario.

In which formats do I get my logo design?

The first file that the logo designer will send is a PDF containing all the versions of your logo. A PDF preserves the vector format allowing you to adjust the logo without losing quality. The second set is all the logo variations with transparent backgrounds. These 1920x1080 PNG files will allow you to use your logo on other images. The third set is for your social media profiles in a 500x500 JPG format. If you need your logo in another file type, be sure to let your logo designer know.

Where are you based?

Fletch is a logo design company in Pretoria, South Africa. We have a team of logo designers in Pretoria. However, today's technology allows us to help brands internationally. Our logo designers are fluent in English and Afrikaans.

Logo Design Pricing

Don't Think of Cost,

Think of Value

Which of these logo design packages best suits your budget and the goals for your brand?

Tall building - Executive Identity Package



Everything in the Business Package

.co.za Domain registration

12 month's email hosting (Renewable @ R800/year)

3D Logo Design

10 Stock Images


R 6000

R 5000




Tall building - Business Identity Package



Everything in the Economy Package

Letterhead design

Email Signature Design

Business Card Design

Social Media Icon


R 4000

R 3000



Tall building - Economy Identity Package



Scalable vector logo

Style Guide

Vector and Transparent versions

3 Initial options

3 Rounds for refinements


R 3000

R 2000



REVIEWS & Testimonials

A Satisfied Customer is the

Best Business Strategy of All

Male mannequin standing at a window without a logo design

The absense of a Logo Design

The Risks of Invisibility

Without a company logo design, your brand is wearing a cloak of invisibility. No matter how good your products, services or marketing material like your website are. If your customers can't identify or recognize your brand, they will forget about you and go to someone else.

The Future with a Logo Design

The Rewards of Memorability

A memorable and professional business logo design positions your brand to build a strong reputation. When you have a logo design that is easy to identify and remember, you make it easier for your ideal customer to buy from you. Let your target audience return to your brand by making your mark in their memory.

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